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If you won’t be able to attend our Annual Convention this year, here’s your chance to get your name into the drawing for OccuSure’s $1,000 give-away by purchasing an item from the Presale list at full price.   This is not an auction, so there is no bidding.  Just purchase any item from the list at full price to support the Tennessee Road Team, and you will be entered into the drawing.  You don’t have to attend the Convention to win. These items will only remain on the website until noon on Thursday, August 31 or until everything is sold! 

If you wish to purchase a Presale item and support the Road Team, you will be required to call the TTA office with the item number to confirm it’s still available and make your payment by credit card.  Once the credit card payment is received, the item is confirmed as sold.  Make your purchase today to make sure you get entered into the drawing below.  Bidding on auction items will start at Convention when early registration begins on Saturday, September 16th at 1:00 P.M.    

Occusure Workers’ Compensation is once again the sponsor for the Auction Party and the drawing for $1,000 for one person who bids full value on an item before or during the auction. 

The 2017 Foundation Auction

We are still taking commitments for 2017 Auction donations.  If you would like to donate an item and have it listed in the printed Convention and Auction Guide, you can click HERE for the form to submit or call Catherine Stuart, Foundation Coordinator, (615) 777-2882.  Commitments have to be received by August 15 in order to meet the deadline for printing.

Silent Auction Letter

You can use this letter to talk to your company about supporting this important fund raising event.