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William H. Reed, Jr. Memorial Call on Washington Travel Grant     

                                                  This grant is designed to encourage first time participants in the annual Tennessee Trucking Association Call on Washington event that Bill enthusiastically supported for over a decade. The grant will cover expenses related to travel, … Continue reading

2020 Call on Washington

TTA 2020 “CALL ON WASHINGTON” – STILL TIME TO SIGN UP! The Tennessee Trucking Association will make its annual visit to Washington, DC on March 24-26, 2019 to meet with members of the Tennessee Congressional Delegation.  This year’s visit presents another unique opportunity to meet with our delegation.  Government regulation and policies are important factors in the business decisions made by … Continue reading


  Dale Allen and Clay Byrd, Adams & Reese Legislative Update This month an increasing number of lawmakers, lobbyists, and staff scattered the halls of Cordell Hull despite an unusually slow start to the 2020 legislative session  Most stakeholders at the legislature focused on scheduling  meetings with lawmakers to line up sponsors and co-sponsors for legislation.  Legislative activity at the … Continue reading