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2018 – Foundation Auction August Pre-Sale

To help cover the cost of processing payments, we add a small fee for credit cards. This fee is not more than the cost of accepting these cards. There is no fee for debit cards.


Since you have to be at Convention to bid on Auction Items, once again this year we are offering a few items so those of you who can’t attend can still purchase an item at full price and get into the drawing for the $1,000 prize provided by Occusure Worker’s Compensation who is our Auction Sponsor.  The items are available during the month of August on the TTA website for anyone who wants to make a purchase at full value of an item.  Some items will go fast, so make sure you call quickly if there is something you want.   CLICK HERE FOR AN UPDATED PRESALE LIST.

These items will remain on the website for purchases up to Noon on Friday, August 31st.   If you wish to purchase a presale item and support the Road Team, you will be required to call the TTA office with the item number and make your payment by credit card.  Once the credit card payment is received, the item is confirmed as sold.  The list will remain on the website, so you will have to call the office to confirm that an item you wish to purchase is still available.  Anyone who purchases an item at Full Price during the month of August will be entered into the drawing below.  Bidding on all auction items will start at the Auction opening at Convention.

Occusure Workers’ Compensation is once again the sponsor for the Auction Party and the drawing for $1,000 for one person who bids full value on an item before or during the auction.