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News & Information

ELD Final Rule Webinar recording  

ATA- Hours of Service Language in Omnibus Bill Critical for Highway Safety

ATA- Fast Act Advances Several Important Trucking Industry Priorities



PowerPoint from Informational Session 8-15-18 FMCSA_Reg_ELDUpdate_08152018_TTA_NASHVILLE

Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents Final Rule

Electronic Logging Device

ELD Implementation Timeline

ELD Frequently Asked Questions

Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act)

Unified Registration System Launched for New Applicants

Resources for Drivers  

Resources for Carriers  

Driver Medical Fitness for Duty  

Distracted Driving and Cell Phone Ban  

Medical Certificate State by State Submission Instructions 

HAZMAT Bulletin Non Bulk Marking & Labeling


TN Department of Safety

Check Medical Card and Driver License Status

Department of Safety and Homeland Security Announce Eight Year Driver License  

CMVE Frequently Asked Questions  

New Medical Certifications Requirements and the link to Self Certify   

Highways for Heroes  

State of TN Motor Carrier Manual.pdf