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The days of April 28th through May 1st we did our Annual Call on Washington.

Eighteen of our members attended and did a terrific job of making our Congressional delegation aware of our most pressing concerns. Infrastructure investment, the Drive Safe Act and the ratification of the new USMCA were just a few of the topics we covered with them.

For the first time, members of our Young Professionals Council joined us. Five of their members were along, with two of them; Holly Czuba and Darcie Thompson, being the inaugural recipients of the Willian H. Reed Jr. Memorial Call on Washington Award for travel expenses. The award is named in honor of “Big “Bill’ who participated in every Call on Washington the TTA has had over the past 15 years and always thought of this as one of the most important trips of our calendar year.

We began our trip with an issues briefing by the ATA Hill staff followed by a Capital Tour personally guided by Representative Chuck Fleischmann on Monday evening. This was an experience all who attended will never forget.

We attended Tennessee Tuesday which features Senator Alexander and Senator Blackburn in a casual setting for pictures and a question and answer session. Our Chairman, Connie Vaughan, arranged for a terrific meeting space in the Congressional Visitors Center on Tuesday afternoon where our Congressmen and their staffs each had a time slot to come and visit with us. The day ended with Congressman Phil Roe and his blue grass band; The Pony Express, which was very well attended and immensely enjoyed!

My thanks to all of you who joined us on our calls, and, to those of you of you who have never attended either of these events, my personal invitation to all of you to join us next year is extended. I believe you will truly enjoy it!